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returning refrigerants

Industry is not expected to participate in Australia’s refrigerant collection program without support. RRA helps industry share the cost of recovering refrigerants through a rebate system.

Over the past four years RRA has paid out more than $6 million in rebates to contractors.

The system for returning refrigerant is straightforward:

  • Rent, buy or take on deposit a recovery cylinder from a refrigeration gas wholesaler
  • Use the cylinder to recover used and contaminated refrigerants from systems serviced
  • Take full cylinders into your refrigeration wholesaler, who weighs the recovered refrigerant
  • Get an empty recovery cylinder from your wholesaler
  • Collect credit for each kilo of recovered refrigerant

RRA has more than 500 collection points across Australia available through the industry’s existing wholesaling branch and agent network.

Through the national collection service, recovered refrigerants are transported to a secure site in Melbourne where they are processed, decanted to bulk storage, and then safely transformed into substances that neither deplete the ozone layer not contribute to global warming. The plasma-arc process is currently used for destroying recovered refrigerant. This process transforms contaminated and unwanted fluorocarbon refrigerants into harmless salty water.