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Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA) is the product stewardship organisation for the Australian refrigerants industry.

RRA is a not-for-profit organisation created to work nationally with industry to share the responsibility for, and costs of, recovering, reclaiming and destroying surplus and unwanted refrigerants.

RRA’s aim is to improve the industry’s environmental performance by reducing the level of emissions of refrigerants through its take-back program. Since being established in 1993, RRA has become integral in the management of used and unwanted refrigerant, and the reduction in emissions of ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerants.

Created by industry, for industry, RRA has achieved global recognition for its work in preventing emissions.


  • adopts a co-regulatory approach, which produces positive environmental outcomes
  • operates efficiently through one coordinated scheme, saving industry members time, money and effort
  • provides rebates for contractors who recover and return refrigerant (more than $6.4 million in the last four years).

RRA’s head office is in Canberra with operations across Australia.

In September 2007, RRA was honoured with the Montreal Protocol Implementers Award. The award, presented by the United Nations Environment Programme, is in recognition of extraordinary contributions in the effective implementation of the Montreal Protocol and the global effort to protect the ozone layer.

In May 2006, RRA was presented with a prestigious Climate Protection Award from the United States Environment Protection Agency recognising “leadership, personal dedication and technical achievements in protecting the earth’s climate”.

A decade earlier in 1995, RRA received international recognition with an Ozone Protection Award for “exceptional contribution to global environment protection”.