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Only ARCtick licensed technicians safely and legally recover gases from your fridges, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Refrigerant gases used in your air conditioning units, fridges and heat pump appliances must be safely and lawfully disposed.

If not handled correctly by a licensed technician, refrigerants released into the air can be harmful to human health, the environment and the ozone layer.

Some refrigerant gas emissions are more than 2000 times more damaging than carbon dioxide, and if released into the atmosphere can contribute to climate change.

Only ARCtick licensed technicians safely and legally recover gases from your fridges, air conditioners and heat pumps.

When installing, servicing, removing or replacing these units, look for an ARCtick technician. They will come and remove the gas for you, and return the refrigerant to their gas supplier.

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia collects the recovered refrigerant and safely disposes of it by transforming it into harmless salty water.

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