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Just by recovering and sending the refrigerant to RRA instead of opening the valve and letting it go technicians and contractors in the Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industry have already prevented the destruction of more than 10 million tonnes of stratospheric ozone, and stopped the emission of more than 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

These videos have been produced to explain why recovery is a great idea and how to go about it. Please download them or watch on-line. 

Recovering and disposing of just three kilograms can be the equivalent of taking a car or two off the road for a year. You can make a real difference.

The Environment
This video explains refrigerants, how they can damage the environment when emitted, and what global actions have and are being taken to reduce the impacts.
The Money
This video describes how refrigerant in systems at end-of-life can be a valuable resource, and how RRA provides a rebate for returned unwanted or contaminated refrigerant. Also mentioned is the legal requirement to prevent emissions and penalties for non-compliance.
The Process
This video describes the how recovered refrigerant is safely disposed of using the Australian developed argon plasma-arc process. It gets hotter than the sun!
Consolidated Version
Binge watch them all together.