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Gas Seeker Initiative

Terms & Conditions

The contractor rebate of $10/kg will only apply to ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerant provided by the Contractor to the Wholesaler on or after the 1 January 2021 and on or prior to 30 June 2021.

After which time the Contractor rebate will return to $3/kg unless otherwise advised in writing by RRA to the wholesaler with no less than 30 day’s notice.

The wholesaler rebate will remain unchanged.

A maximum limit of 400kg per contractor per month apply.

The wholesaler reserves the right to reject quantities of recovered refrigerant received from the contractor if accepting such volume will put undue pressure on the wholesaling staff, branch or subject the wholesaler to be non-compliant with any applicable governmental laws, ordinances, rules, national standards, codes and regulations.

Should the wholesaler be unable to accept recovered refrigerant presented by the contractor, the contractor should contact RRA directly on 02 6230 5244 or to make alternate arrangements for collection.

Products including acids, solids or oil in amounts which would be expected to be incrementally accumulated in the normal course of operation of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment and all such by-products shall be included in the weighing of Refrigerants for the purpose of calculating payments.

RRA reserves the right to reject any Recovered Refrigerant which contains substantial quantities of water, hydrocarbons,ammonia, methyl bromide or other flammable and/or toxic substances.

Before decanting to RRA supplied cylinders the Recovered Refrigerant must first be tested for flammable substances using suitable gas analyzer.

When the refrigerant gas analyzer indicates a level of 5% or greater Hydrocarbon  and/or 40% or greater flammable HCFC/HFC/HFO, Recovered Refrigerant must only be decanted into an approved cylinder suitable for flammable refrigerants using apparatus and equipment appropriately rated for use with flammable refrigerants.

R290 – Propane
R600 – butane
R600a – Isobutane


This is not an extensive list of flammable gases, rather just those commonly used as refrigerants.  For a more comprehensive list please refer to AS/NZ ISO 817.

Both RRA and The Wholesaler are bound by the terms of the RRA Wholesaler Agreement, including but not limited to record keeping and audit requirements.