Refrigerant Reclaim AustraliaRRA
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our role

RRA aims to maximise the recovery, reclamation and destruction of contaminated, surplus and unwanted ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerants and, in doing so, minimise emissions.

RRA encourages contractors to recover, recycle and reuse refrigent of acceptable quality, and to return all unwanted and contaminated refrigerant for safe disposal. It:

  • works with government departments to help ensure Australia’s environmental protocols are understood, and acted upon, by industry
  • supports industry’s commitment to reduce ozone depletion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • helps contractors and wholesalers, and importers comply with legislation at a fair and reasonable cost
  • provides rebates for collected ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerants
  • operates a national collection service, which transports recovered refrigerants to a central, secure storage facility where they are processed and/or destroyed using cost-effective, environmentally safe technology
  • conducts educational and promotional campaigns for industry when required