Refrigerant Reclaim AustraliaRRA
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Why was RRA created?

When grave environmental risks confronted major stakeholders in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry it became apparent there was no clear path forward. To help, industry formed (in 1993) a new body – RRA.

Some States and Territories had passed inconsistent and conflicting legislation in the late 1980’s but there was little in the way of encouragement or enforcement of compliance. Australian industry lacked the basics for recovery.

  • There were no reprocessing or destruction facilities available to handle recovered refrigerant
  • Collection and storage systems for recovered refrigerant had not been established
  • There was little, if any, knowledge or understanding of the requirements to recover and prevent emissions

This meant that wholesalers’ branches and distribution centres were becoming warehouses for storing used and contaminated refrigerant for which there was no ultimate destination. Further, it meant they were covering the additional costs of, and carrying the burden relating to, enforcing the legislation. This situation was likely to lead to the imposition of costs on contractors for the return of refrigerant.

RRA was established to create an industry-wide recovery program that met all government and international obligations for all parties; that provided an outlet for all recovered refrigerant; that shared the cost burden across the whole industry. RRA was also tasked with identifying and working with companies wanting to develop reprocessing and destruction technologies for recovered refrigerant.

RRA has authorisation from the ACCC to operate. Authorisation was initially granted for 10 years, and was recently renewed.