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Kylie Farrelly

General Manager

Kylie Farrelley has 20 years’ experience in the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry spending most of that time working for speciality chemical producer, Arkema, as Business Manager for their Fluorochemical division.

For the past 12 years she has been an active participant in several Industry Associations, including Refrigerants Australia & Refrigerant Reclaim Australia. In 2016 she was appointed to the board of both organisations, holding the position as Chair of Refrigerants Australia since 2018.

In May 2019 Kylie was appointed General Manager of Refrigerant Reclaim Australia.

Kylie brings a wealth of experience in all facets of the refrigerant supply chain.  Her knowledge of the challenges the industry will face regarding the Montreal Protocol phasedown requirements and the introduction of new flammable refrigerants will foster healthy discussions during today’s proceedings.